Is Rage Against the Machine Teasing a Comeback?

Rage Against the Machine in 1992; Sony Music Archive/Getty Images/Mark BakerAll is no longer quiet on the Rage Against the Machine front. Tuesday night, a site called was launched. At last check, the website wasn't loading, but according to Spin, it features a countdown clock that will conclude on June 1.

It should be noted that the link to the website was tweeted out by @RATM, which is not an official band account and is "run by fans." The band's official social media accounts haven't acknowledged the website. However, the website's logo and URL have seen spotted on posters around Los Angeles.  Also interesting that the domain name was apparently first registered in December 2014, but updated just 12 days ago.

Along with the link, the tweet from @RATM includes the hashtag #TakethePowerBack, which of course is the name of a Rage Against the Machine song, while "Prophets of Rage" is the name of a song by the rap group Public Enemy. Tuesday night, Public Enemy's Chuck D tweeted out links to a couple Rage Against the Machine songs, leading some to believe that Rage and Public Enemy could be touring together.

It's all just speculation at this point, of course.  What's known is Rage Against the Machine hasn't been active since the band played a show in Los Angeles in 2011. The band's last album was the covers album Renegades, which was released in 2000.

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