Jimmy Kimmel and The Killers Mine “Joel, the Lump of Coal” for Christmas

Image Courtesy of Island RecordsOn Monday night's Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Jimmy once again welcomed The Killers. They collaborated on a new Christmas song -- the ninth year the group has done so.

"Joel, the Lump of Coal" is available for download to benefit the Global Fund to Fight AIDS via (RED), the anti-AIDS organization.

The band also debuted an animated video for the carol.

In a bit before the song debuted, Kimmel made some suggestions for the group. "What if we do a song where the, 'Players are gonna play, play, play, and the haters gonna hate, hate, hate?'"

"That's a Taylor Swift song," drummer Ronnie Vannucci, Jr. replied. "So?" Jimmy replies. 

Eventually, they settle on "Joel, the Lump of Coal," which, as its name suggests, is about a lowly lump of coal named Joel. Like a certain red nosed reindeer, Joel, too is unappreciated until just the right time.

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