Kaleo frontman remembers performing inside a volcano: “It was quite a task”

Credit: Alexandra ValentiKaleo's single "Way Down We Go" provides the soundtrack to the mutant hack and slashing in the trailer for the upcoming film Logan. While the world of Wolverine and Professor X is plenty intense, Kaleo has performed the track in perhaps an even more extreme setting: inside a volcano located in the band's native Iceland.

"It was a little bit more tricky than maybe we had imagined," frontman JJ Julius Son tells ABC Radio of the experience. "I think we were there for about 26 hours or something. We had to have a helicopter move all the instruments down there."

"You can't really park the car next to the volcano," he jokes. "So it was quite a task, but [it was] worth it."

Julius Son adds that the most amazing part about playing inside the volcano was the acoustics.

"It was a special reverb, it was like big but short," he says. "And [it was] surprisingly cold down there, as well." 

Kaleo will spend the next month on the road opening for The Lumineers, starting Tuesday, February 28 in Grand Prairie, Texas. Meanwhile, Logan opens in theaters on March 3.

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