Kim Gordon Details Relationship with Kurt Cobain, Last Sonic Youth Show in Book Excerpt

Image Courtesy of Dey Street BooksSonic Youth co-founder Kim Gordon's memoir, Girl in a Band, hits shelves later this month. As a preview, The Guardian has released an extract of the upcoming book. In it, Gordon describes the first time she met Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain.

"Standing in front of me, Kurt seemed small, close to my height, though he was actually 5ft 9in to my 5ft 5in," she writes. "He had big, watery eyes, slightly hunted looking. I’m not sure why, but I felt an immediate kinship with him."

"When Nirvana toured with us in 1991, before Nevermind broke, no one in Europe knew who they were," Gordon continues. "Kurt was funny and fun to be around, and soaked up any kind of personal attention. I felt very big sisterly, almost maternal, when we were together."

Elsewhere in the extract, Gordon remembers the last show Sonic Youth would ever play. The concert took place in Brazil in November 2011.

"I could barely hold it together during the first song, 'Brave Men Run,'" Gordon writes. "At one point my voice felt like it was scraping against its own bottom, and then the bottom fell out."

"[Sonic Youth band mate and ex-husband] Thurston [Moore] and I didn’t look at each other once," she writes. "When the song was done, I turned my shoulders to the audience so no one in the audience or the band could see my face, though it had little effect. Everything I did and said was broadcast from one of the two 40ft-high on-stage video screens."

Girl in a Band will be released on February 24. Gordon will embark on a book tour starting February 23 in Brooklyn, New York.

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