Linkin Park’s Chester Bennington on New Album: It “Feels Honest to Me”

ABC/Randy HolmesLinkin Park has shared an update on the progress of their seventh studio album. In a video clip from the recording studio, the band members discuss how honesty is a recurring theme in the new music.

"I think it's a personal record," says guitarist Brad Delson. "I don't think it's about politics, it's not about the world outside, a lot of these songs are personal."

He explains, "I feel like the person singing is speaking directly to me in a revealing way, or the person's talking to someone that they're in a relationship with. There's an intimacy, but it's not introverted."

Frontman Chester Bennington added that the songs on the album "talk about a frame of thinking."

"This is s*** that's going on inside my head, or this is something I'm dealing with," he says. "To tells a story, but it's also revealing as well, in a way. And that feels honest to me."

"We're trying to connect people," Bennington adds. "We're trying to make a record that has...stellar songs that people want to listen to all the time."

The new album will be Linkin Park's first since 2014's The Hunting Party.

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