Moby Releasing Remastered “Hotel: Ambient”

Image Courtesy of Jessica DimmockMoby's long out of print Hotel companion album, Hotel: Ambient, is getting the remaster treatment. The new version Hotel: Ambient will feature the original track list, accompanied by several previously unreleased tracks. The album will be released on December 16.

"I first heard, and heard about, ambient music on the b-side of David Bowie's Heroes. As much as I’ve loved writing songs and dance tracks I’ve always been obsessed with the ways in which ambient and instrumental music can transform the space in which their being listened," says Moby in a statement. "I also really appreciate the subtle and at times un-demanding qualities of ambient music, and the ways in which it can unconventionally reach people emotionally."

To celebrate the remastered release of Hotel: Ambient, Moby will present his first-ever live performance devoted to his ambient material at the Masonic Lodge in Los Angeles, also on December 16.

Moby's ambient music has been used numerous times in films, most famously in Heat and Southland Tales. In 2008, he started mobygratis, a website offering free music to anyone for use in independent, non-profit films, videos or shorts. Hotel: Ambient will be available for free on mobygratis on December 16.

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