My Morning Jacket to Play “Almost Every Song We’ve Ever Recorded” During Four-Night NYC Run

Credit: Danny ClinchTonight, My Morning Jacket kicks off a four-night run at New York City's Beacon Theatre. The last time Jim James and company played multiple shows in the Big Apple, they played five dates in 2010 and performed one of their albums in full at each show. They won't be performing any albums in order for the Beacon run, but if you're going to all four shows, you'll be treated to a similar experience.

"We'll probably play...almost every song we've ever recorded," James tells ABC Radio. "Over the course of four nights, it's quite a lot of time to fill. So yeah, we'll be doing a lot of different stuff from all throughout the years."

The New York City run is also My Morning Jacket's last batch of scheduled dates in support of their latest album, The Waterfall, which was released earlier this year. James has very much enjoyed playing songs from The Waterfall, and has been surprised at how seamlessly the new songs have fit into the band's live show.

"[The Waterfall has] been really easy to adapt live into our set," says James. "Some albums are tougher than others trying to figure out where they fit and relearn the songs and all that stuff, but the whole thing's really just kind of fallen right into place."

"For me it's really reinvigorated my enjoyment of touring," he adds of playing songs from The Waterfall. "Touring gets tiresome and it beats you down. After you've been out for so long, you need fresh music in there to kind of get you going again."

Once they finish touring behind The Waterfall, My Morning Jacket is planning to return to the studio to continue work on even fresher music.

"We've definitely got a start on the next record, but we've been so busy touring for this one, we haven't really had time to get in and finish it," James tells ABC Radio. "But it's definitely in progress."

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