Nothing but Thieves Discusses “Flattering” Muse Comparison

Credit: Alex SturrockYoung British band Nothing but Thieves has garnered comparisons to Muse with their breakthrough single, "Trip Switch." When asked about the comparison, frontman Conor Mason says he finds it "flattering," even though that wasn't what his band was going for.

"I mean we're more influenced by Radiohead, but I get it because Muse were also influenced by Radiohead," he tells Gigwise. "Although it's a flattering comparison because we are from the same school of thought in terms of influences."

Nothing but Thieves shares more than just a similar sound with Muse -- they shared a stage when they opened for Matt Bellamy and company over the summer at the Rock in Roma festival.

"We did learn a lot when we played with them in Rock in Roma," says Mason. "It was a big 40,000 capacity and the way they just captivated the crowd, we learned a lot from that. But it's also small intricacies you pick up on too, like the smoothness between songs and the little things that make it a very professional show. But that comes with playing to 40,000 people every day like they do. We pick up things from every front band we play with and follow."

Nothing but Thieves' self-titled debut album is already out in their native U.K., but it will receive a U.S. release next year on February 5.

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