Perfect Computation: Rivers Cuomo Writing Computer Program to Decide Setlists for Weezer’s Tour

Credit: Sean MurphyWeezer will be touring the U.S. this summer in support of their latest album, Weezer (White Album). With 10 studio albums and 20 years of material under their belts, crafting a set list for the tour will surely be a challenge. Luckily, frontman Rivers Cuomo has a solution.

"I'm trying to write a computer program to generate a random set list every night from a bank of about 40 or 50 songs," Cuomo tells Entertainment Weekly. "The new album will be in there."

"I have to come up with a bunch of parameters for each song," he continues. "Like, 'Well this one can go first, but it can't go at the end of the set' and so on. That way we can have a different setlist but it's always quality. It's fun for us and it’s fun for the fans who come to multiple shows."

Ever the innovator, Cuomo has played with randomness before in choosing Weezer's set lists.

"There was a tour we did where the set list was determined by rolling Dungeons & Dragons dice," he says.

Weezer's summer tour, which will also feature Panic! at the Disco, kicks off June 10 in The Woodlands, Texas.

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