Red Hot Chili Peppers’ Anthony Kiedis Feels “‘The Getaway’ Is Screaming to Be Played Live”

Credit: Steve KerosRed Hot Chili Peppers will be touring the U.S. next year, and the band is very excited to play songs from their new album, The Getaway.

"There's not a song on The Getaway that I don't wanna play live," frontman Anthony Kiedis says in a new video. "That's a very rare thing to say after you make a record. Usually...on a good record...half of it looks like live material. The other half, just listen to it on the record."

"I think 99 per cent of The Getaway is screaming to be played live," he adds. "And that makes me as happy as anything, because I need that. We need songs to choose from that are new in our set."

Kiedis is particularly excited to play the songs "We Turn Red" -- "the beat is so huge," he says -- and The Getaway closing track "Dreams of a Samurai."

"['Dreams of a Samurai'] just feels like it could live on a stage," says Kiedis. "I hear feedback and amplifiers and chaos."

The U.S. Red Hot Chili Peppers tour will kick off January 5 in San Antonio, Texas.

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