Royal Blood Bassist on Reading and Leeds Set Surprises: “I Don’t Want to Give It Away”

Credit: Eliot Lee HazelYou might think that a band with only two people in it wouldn't have a lot of capacity for surprise, but Royal Blood says they're planning something special for their sets at this weekend's Reading and Leeds festivals in the U.K.

"I don't want to give it away!" bassist and vocalist Mike Kerr tells NME of the surprise. "We've made the production a bit bigger, I can say that. We're bringing loads of lights, even though it's going to be daylight. We'll make our own little sun on the stage."

Royal Blood will be playing the Main Stage at both festivals -- the same stage that headliners Metallica will play.

"Reading Main Stage resonates with me, because I've always wanted to play on it," says Kerr. "That's the dream. I even tried to get onto the Main Stage four years ago when it was closed. I snuck in after hours and got a leg up and nearly got on it, but the security pulled me down!"

After Reading and Leeds, Royal Blood will play three more shows opening for Foo Fighters in the U.K. We'll see if they'll bring their enhanced production -- and whatever other surprises may be in store -- stateside when they return for a U.S. tour at the end of September.

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