Some Kind of Inspiration: James Hetfield Is Lars Ulrich’s Hero

Credit: Ross HalfinSince he's the drummer for perhaps the most famous metal band on the planet, many aspiring musicians likely view Metallica's Lars Ulrich as their hero, but he's got a few of his own.  They include his father Torben, late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs and his own bandmate, frontman James Hetfield.

"He is just the coolest musician," Ulrich tells Rolling Stone of Hetfield. "He's put up with my s*** for 35 years, so there's gotta be appreciation in there for that. Sometimes I think he may be underappreciated in terms of just how vast his talent is."

The two Metallica co-founders have certainly clashed in the past, especially in the 2004 documentary Some Kind of Monster. Ulrich says that for him, watching the film was "pretty hard."

"Some of the other guys have been more transparent about how difficult it was for them," Ulrich explains. "We all dealt with it in different ways; I dealt with it by shoving it under a rug, which obviously is Psychiatry 101 that you shouldn't do that. Some of it was just so difficult, I had to emotionally remove myself."

Regardless of their past, Metallica are moving onward and upward, and they'll release their new album Self-Destruct on November 18.

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