The Arcs Share New Song, “Fools Gold,” from Danger Mouse’s Label Compilation

Credit: Alysse GafkjenThe Arcs have released "Fools Gold," a new song featured on 30th Century Records Compilation Volume I, the inaugural release from Danger Mouse's new record label, 30th Century Records. You can listen to the bluesy, dirty track now at

"Generally, fool's gold is made of iron or copper pyrites that are often mistaken for gold," says The Arcs frontman Dan Auerbach of the track. "It has the same thrilling discovery, the same shiny luster and perceived weight as gold, but it isn't gold and when all is said and done, it has the same value as a hunk of s***. It's always been so easy to be a fool."

Auerbach has previously worked with Danger Mouse, a.k.a. Brian Burton, on The Black Keys' hit single "Tighten Up." Burton also produced three of The Black Keys' albums: Attack & Release, El Camino, and their most recent release, Turn Blue.

30th Century Records Compilation Volume I will be released December 18.

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