The Replacements Are Planning New Music; Box Sets and Documentary to Be Released

Credit: Steven CohenThe Replacements are "back by unpopular demand," and in more ways than one. The band is currently on a North American trek dubbed the Back by Unpopular Demand tour, but they are also working on new music. Two recording sessions have resulted in seven or eight new songs, according to The Replacements' co-manager Darren Hill.

"It just a question of what the band wants to ultimately do with them," Hill tells Billboard.

The Replacements will be on tour through the beginning of June, which has slowed the recording process a bit.

"It's really difficult to shift modes," Hill says. "But the good news is that the band is really gelling, and that's got to translate when they go back in to the studio."

If you can't hardly wait for a new Replacements release, this summer the band will be reissuing their studio albums on vinyl in two box-set collections. There's also a biography on the horizon, entitled Trouble Boys, as well as a potential documentary with "Oscar-winning filmmakers."

The Replacements will be touring North America through May 9 in Philadelphia, followed by a trip to Europe.

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