The Wild Feathers’ Joel King Will Try Not to “Burn Down the House” This Thanksgiving

Image Courtesy of Frank Maddocks Thanksgiving is a time for family, but it's also a time to cook foods you otherwise would have no excuse to cook. The Wild Feathers bassist Joel King has set his mind on one particular dish.

"My wife's family's going to come out, but I think I'm going to attempt to fry a turkey," King tells ABC News Radio of his Thanksgiving plans.

"Hopefully [I won't] burn down the house," he says.

If all goes well, then we can also expect a new Wild Feathers album. King tells ABC News Radio that the band will begin working on their follow-up to their self-titled debut now that they're off tour.

"We're going to go back to Nashville, regroup and hopefully start recording," he says. "I think we're supposed to get everything ready and do it in January."

The Wild Feathers do have one more show lined up for 2014 -- the band will be playing Dallas, Texas on New Years Eve. All ticket information can be found at

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