Two People Have Found Vinyl Records Jack White Hid Inside Furniture in 2004

Image Courtesy of David James SwansonIt turns out Jack White developed a taste for unconventional album releases at a young age. Before he became the rock star he is today, White used to work as an upholsterer in Detroit. He was mentored by friend and coworker Brain Muldoon, who also had musical aspirations. The two formed a band -- aptly named The Upholsterers -- and recorded a single, entitled "Apple of My Eye," in 2000.

Four years later, in celebration of the 25th anniversary of Muldoon's start in the upholstery business, they recorded a second single. They then hid 100 copies of the single, pressed on vinyl, inside pieces of furniture on which they worked, without telling the customers.  Now, according to White's current label, Third Man Records, two of the singles have been found by two separate people.

"Recently Third Man Records has been made aware of the discovery of two different copies found by two separate individuals of the 2nd single by the Upholsterers," reads a statement on the label's website. "This duo, comprising of actual upholsterers Jack White and Brian Muldoon, pressed 100 copies of this single and proceeded to hide them in furniture being reupholstered by Muldoon in 2004, in celebration of his 25th year in the business."

The upholstery route isn't the first time White has released singles in an unconventional manner.  In 2012, White released his single "Freedom at 21" via balloons . Only a few that were launched were ever found -- one of which sold for over $4,000 on eBay. So keep that in mind as you pull apart your furniture in search of the Upholsters' single.

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