Watch now: “God” recommends you buy Green Day’s new greatest hits collection in funny video

ABC/Heidi GutmanGreen Day is releasing a new greatest-hits collection titled God's Favorite Band next month, and the punk trio recruited none other than the Big Man Upstairs to help promote it. Well, not really.

The band has released a funny video showing someone dressed in the classic likeness of God, complete with a long white beard and flowing robes, telling Gabriel that he can't answer the prayers of the people because he's too busy creating a playlist of his favorite Green Day songs on -- wait for it -- Godify.

After a good 30 seconds of "God" headbanging, he eventually goes back to answering prayers, but not before reminding you that God's Favorite Band will arrive on November 17.

The compilation features 20 of Green Day's hits, plus a brand-new song titled "Back in the USA," and a new version of the song "Ordinary World," featuring country star Miranda Lambert.

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