A Perfect Circle Has “Every Intention” of Playing New Songs on Spring Tour

Credit: Tim CadienteWhen A Perfect Circle announced a spring U.S. tour last week -- their first full-length outing since 2011 -- the band also revealed that they had begun work on their long-awaited follow-up to their 2004 album eMOTIVe. According to guitarist Billy Howerdel, you might hear some of that new music on the road this year.

"We're not promising anything, but I have every intention of doing my best to have us playing some new tracks during this run -- with the idea that new music is coming very soon after," Howerdel tells Billboard.

Howerdel adds that the approach to the new album reminds him of when he and Maynard James Keenan first started A Perfect Circle.

"When Maynard and I first started talking about working together in 1999, we collaborated on two songs, and the idea hatched to, 'Let's do a live show,' and let that fire under our a** be what's going to propel us to finish this music," Howerdel says. "And we approached it the same way this year. I said, 'We're gonna do shows,' and with those shows there's the hope of having some new music to go along with the shows. So let's let that be the thing that puts us in a panic mode."

As for why it's taken so long for A Perfect Circle to get back in the studio, Howerdel points to the busy schedules of Kennan and the rest of the band.

"Maynard's got a lot of projects going on, and it felt like a few years ago it was going to happen, but this is just the way the schedules lined up," he says. "But I'm always excited to get the machine back up and going."

A Perfect Circle's spring tour kicks off April 7 in Las Vegas.

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