Andrew McMahon admonishes conservative group for using his music during political conference

ABC/Randy HolmesAndrew McMahon is not happy with one of his songs being played during the Conservative Political Action Conference, or CPAC, which is currently going on Maryland. In a statement issued on his Instagram, the musician asks CPAC and the Republican party to "take me off your playlist."

McMahon begins by saying that he tries to "keep my politics and my platform as an entertainer separate," which is something he "struggle[s] with daily, but I hold that line out of respect for my fans and out of disgust for the state of American politics."

"Still, I feel in this climate, my greatest contribution could be to remind people as they stand side by side in a live music venue that we are not as different as our televisions and our political leaders would like us to believe," he writes. "With this in mind I would appreciate it if politicians and representatives of political parties would refrain from the public use of my music as [Counselor to the President] Kellyanne Conway and the GOP did today at their CPAC convention."

"My music is about uniting people through our common experience and is not intended as hype tracks for political dog and pony shows," McMahon concludes.

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