Angels & Airwaves Release Third New Song, “Bullets in the Wind”

Image Courtesy of Johnny BuzzerioAs the release of The Dream Walker approaches, Angels & Airwaves continue to unveil news songs from their upcoming album. After issuing "Paralyzed" and "The Wolfpack," AVA have come out with a third track, "Bullets in the Wind." "Bullets in the Wind" isn't as heavy as "The Wolfpack," instead offering for a dancier approach.

"Here's a left turn for the vintage Angels fans," AVA frontman Tom DeLonge tells Alternative Press, which premiered the track. "[It’s] a song referencing the ‘transistor radio' -- a dream of bringing rock and roll back to the forefront of modern music.”

Along with the two songs released before it, "Bullets in the Wind" will appear on The Dream Walker album, which will be released on December 9. AVA will also release their animated short film, Poet Anderson: The Dream Walker, on December 9. The rest of The Dream Walker project, which will include comic books, novels and a feature-length live-action film, is due out in 2015.

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