Bono Helps Jimmy Kimmel See (RED)

David Wolff-Patrick/RedfernsDecember 1 was World AIDS Day, and as a tribute, and to raise money for U2 frontman Bono's charity (RED), Jimmy Kimmel turned his Tuesday night installment over to the charity and a celebrity auction to benefit it via

The number of chances you get to win is based on how much money you donate at Ten bucks gets you 100 chances to win, and there are different prizes for different levels.  The auction ends next month.

Kimmel skipped his usual monologue to speak with Bono, who called the strides made against AIDS, "the greatest good story nobody knows...Particularly for the United States of America," he added. "Nobody knows that of the 15 million lives that have been saved over the last 10 years, the majority....have been saved by American taxpayers...People should know! This is an extraordinary, heroic thing that America has done, and I salute them."

Bono also revealed his Omaze campaign's top prize: one lucky donor would ride with him through Central Park, the site of his infamous 2014 bicycle crash. "I'm back, I've been rebuilt, and I'm ready to share a ride..." he smiled.  Bono previously revealed the prize Tuesday in a YouTube video.

As revealed on the show, Omaze is also auctioning off other  unique experiences, including smoking weed with Snoop Dogg, meeting George Clooney and having him compliment you for 45 seconds, "while staring into your eyes," having Tom Brady teach you how to throw a football and smack your butt, "telling you you did a good job, even if you didn't," he explained.

The show also featured a performance from The Killers, who played their holiday hit co-written by Kimmel, "Joel the Lump of Coal."

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