Chad Smith Advises Katy Perry to “Plug In” for Super Bowl Halftime Show

Clara Balzary/Warner Bros. RecordsRed Hot Chili Peppers drummer Chad Smith knows a thing or two about playing at the Super Bowl halftime show. Rather, he knows a thing or two about miming at the Super Bowl halftime show. That's why his advice for pop star Katy Perry, who has hinted that she will be this year's halftime performer, is pretty simple.

"Plug in and play," Smith tells TMZ.

Smith and RHCP infamously mimed their performance of "Give It Away" with Bruno Mars at last year's halftime show. Flea revealed that all the instrumentation was prerecorded -- the vocals were live -- after photos circulated of the bassist playing while not plugged into an anything.

As Flea wrote in an open letter after the performance that the NFL decided that the drums, guitar and bass would need to be prerecorded.

"[Guitarist] Josh [Klinghoffer], Chad, and I were playing along with the prerecorded track so there was no need to plug in our guitars, so we did not," he wrote.

Katy Perry doesn't really share the same instrumentation as RHCP, but Smith says she's looking forward to seeing her show.

"She's a good performer," he says.

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