Claudio Sanchez Rides the Subway in Coheed and Cambria’s “Island” Video

Credit: LeAnn MuellerCoheed and Cambria's album The Color Before the Sun is in part inspired by frontman Claudio Sanchez's life in his new hometown of Brooklyn, New York with his wife and newborn son. On the album's opening song"Island," for example, Sanchez sings that "the fee is too big, our apartment's too small." However, Sanchez appears to embrace city living in Coheed's new video for "Island," which features the singer riding the New York City subway. You can watch the "Island" video now at

Earlier this month, Sanchez gave an impromptu performance of "Island" on the streets of Brooklyn for an audience of kindergartners. Hopefully they weren't affected by Sanchez's comments on the New York City real estate market.

The Color Before the Sun, which is out now, is the first Coheed and Cambria album not to continue the story of the Amory Wars, a sci-fi epic about the band's namesake characters. The band is currently on tour in support of the album.

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