Countdown Clock Posted on Foo Fighters Website

FooFighters.comSo what's up with the Foo Fighters website?  As of this morning, all you can access is a landing page that features a countdown clock, and the Foo Fighters logo emblazoned on a white shield the same shape as a state highway sign.  In the background, you can hear Dave Grohl and others casually talking in what sounds like a large room, rehearsal space or stage.

What's it all mean?  Right now, the Foos aren't saying -- other than to tweet the shield logo and website link just after 11:00 P.M. ET Wednesday. Simple math reveals the clock's ticking down to Thursday, November 26.  Could the shield's shape be a hint that an announcement about Sonic Highways, part 2 is on the way?  Grohl's already said there will be a second season of last year's Emmy-winning, eight-episode HBO series.

Punch in the date on your calendars now...

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