Creed’s Scott Stapp Reviews “Creed Movie” for Funny or Die

Image Courtesy of Wind-up RecordsThis week sees the release of Creed, the latest entry in the Rocky franchise. The film follows the son of Apollo Creed, played by Michael B. Jordan, as he trains with Sylvester Stallone's Rocky Balboa, and is not at all about the band Creed. Don't tell that to Scott Stapp, though.

In a video for Funny or Die, Stapp reviews Creed for his fictional review show Can You Take Me to the Movies, a play on Creed's song "Can You Take Me Higher?"

"As Creed the movie unfolded, there wasn't much that resembled what happened in Creed the band," says Stapp in his review.  "This movie has a lot of boxing. One time I punched a guy from 311 but I never actually boxed."

"Spoiler alert! Creed the movie has no epic guitar solos played on a mountaintop!" Stapp continues. "And at no point does Creed sing on a steep cliff! That's what we do best!"

Despite his gripes with the film, Stapp still gives Creed the movie four out of five "arms wide open."

Next year, Stapp will embark on the North American leg of his Proof of Life solo tour.

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