Dave Grohl Explains the References in “I Am a River”

Image Courtesy of Ringo StarrDave Grohl wrote the lyrics to "I Am a River," the closer on the latest Foo Fighters album, Sonic Highways, while the band was recording in New York City. As such, the track contains numerous references to the Big Apple. In a new video for Jimmy Fallon's How I Wrote That Song web series, Grohl explains the origins of those references.

"[The lyric] 'I found a secret behind a Soho door' is referring to the Magic Shop studio and how it's just this one tiny door on the street," he says. "You would never know it's a studio."

Grohl also explains the origin of the title, which refers to Minetta Creek -- a stream that runs underneath New York City.

"I thought it was a beautiful idea that there's something natural and prehistoric that runs underneath something as monolithic and futuristic as New York City," he says. "And maybe we're all connected by something like that."

Foo Fighters recently performed "I Am a River" -- complete with a string section -- on The Tonight Show.

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