Fall Out Boy Discusses the Legacy of Nirvana: “They Literally Stopped Hair Metal”

Credits: Pamela Littky; Chris Cuffaro/Universal Music GroupNirvana's legacy is still felt today, and the members of Fall Out Boy are among the many who count Kurt Cobain as a musical influence.

"Kurt and Nirvana was one of those few moments in music that we got to witness where everything was different after Nirvana," bassist Pete Wentz tells MTV News. "They literally stopped hair metal, that's crazy."

FOB frontman Patrick Stump wasn't a big Nirvana fan at first, but he grew to appreciate the band's message.

"In the era, I remember being like, 'Eh, I don't like Nirvana. I don't like this. This isn't for me,'" Stump remembers. "Right up towards the end, I started to realize, 'Wait, this is kind of awesome.' I was one of those jerk-little kids that was like, 'Eh. Whatever is popular, I don't like that.' I realized kind of almost too late that that was exactly what Kurt was into."

"He was like the ultimate anti-rock star," Stump says of Cobain. "That related to me a lot, and kind of informed a lot. It's hard to relate to musicians who act like gods. It's way different when they're real people and you know that and that kind of comes through. And then, they're kind of amazing in their own way. [Cobain was] like the ultimate of that."

Cobain's life will be explored in Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck, airing tonight, May 4, on HBO.

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