Fall Out Boy Performs “Centuries” with Suzanne Vega on “Ellen”

Image Courtesy of Crush ManagementDoes the "do do do" at the beginning of the Fall Out Boy song "Centuries" sound really familiar to you? That's because it's sampled from singer-songwriter Suzanne Vega's song, "Tom's Diner." In recognition of her contribution to the song, FOB performed "Centuries" alongside Vega during their appearance on The Ellen DeGeneris Show Wednesday.

In addition to providing the song's intro, Vega harmonized with Patrick Stump during the choruses. You can watch the performance on Ellen's YouTube page.

Before FOB took the stage on Ellen, host Ellen DeGeneres referred to the band as "some of the nicest people in music." DeGeneres and the band seem to have a strong connection, as she was the first person to break the news about Stump's new baby, Declan, earlier this month.

"Centuries" is the first single from FOB's next album, of which very few details have been released. Their other new, bombastically titled song, "Immortals" appears on the soundtrack for the Disney animated film Big Hero 6.

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