Jack White Issues Statement on Guacamole Incident

Image Courtesy of Third Man RecordsEarlier this month, Jack White performed at the McCasland Field House at the University of Oklahoma. Before the show, OU's student newspaper, The Oklahoma Daily, published the details of White's contract with the university, which included a very detailed recipe for homemade guacamole that, presumably, was to be made for White backstage. Naturally, the guacamole recipe went viral on the Internet.

Now, White has issued a statement on the guacamole incident.

"First off, this is none of your business, but I have no specific demands in my dressing room. I know I could ask for lots of things but I actually don't ask for ANYTHING," White writes on his record label's website. "This 'guacamole recipe' is my hilarious tour managers inside joke with the local promoters, it's his recipe, not mine. It's just something to break up the boredom, seeing who can make it best."

White also addressed the rumors that his booking agency, William Morris Entertainment, had blacklisted OU from any future performances by White, as well as any of the other artists they represent.

"Someone printed that I'm never going to Oklahoma again? Not true. I love Oklahoma, that's why I booked this show instead of playing Chicago or Atlanta for four times as much money," White writes. "Our booking agent warned the college that other artists might not book shows there? Of course they did, it's bad business what that school paper did and really rude. Of course they are going to tell them to wise up."

White will be touring South America in March before he returns to the U.S. in April for Coachella.

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