Jack White Says He’s Not “Some Fuddy-Duddy Old Man”

Image Courtesy of Mary Ellen MatthewsGiven Jack White's old-timey style and his love for vinyl, one might assume that he does not like modern technology. However, in an interview with Q magazine, White says that the exact opposite is true.

"Times change up and down, the only thing that bugs me, every time I’m talking about the state of things, people end up sound-biting me, and making me into some fuddy-duddy old man that hates technology and doesn’t like modern music, which is such bulls**t," he tells the British publication.

Elsewhere in the interview, White explains that he does indeed love modern music, especially rap.

"Anyone who knows me knows, I’ve got 20,000 songs on my iPod in my car, and half of them are rap music," he says. "And I’m driving an electric car!"

You can read the whole interview in this week's issue of Q.

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