Jacoby Shaddix Picks His 10 Favorite Papa Roach Videos

Credit: Dave JacksonPapa Roach has made more than 20 music videos over the course of their career, starting, of course, with the video for "Last Resort." In an interview with Team Rock, frontman Jacoby Shaddix picks his 10 favorite Papa Roach music videos, including the band's breakout single.

"That was one of the coolest experiences ever for us," Shaddix says of filming the "Last Resort" video. "There was just something special about that song -- it was about taking kids from where they didn’t want to be, which was isolated and alone, and putting them where they wanted to go: which was at a rock show."

As for his other nine favorite Papa Roach videos, Shaddix picks "Broken Home," "Between Angels and Insects," "She Loves Me Not," "Getting Away with Murder," "Lifeline," "Hollywood Whore," "No Matter What," "Still Swingin'" and "Face Everything and Rise," the lead single from the band's latest album, F.E.A.R.. Shaddix made his directorial debut with the "Face Everything and Rise" video, which the band partnered with Dodge to make.

"A few years ago, it wasn't cool to partner with corporations -- but this time we were like, 'Give us your money, we're going to make a bada** video with it.' How times have changed," says Shaddix. "Being on the other side of the camera was awesome -- but it's a lot of work, more than I thought it would be."

Papa Roach is currently on tour with Five Finger Death Punch.

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