Jonathan Davis Says Debut Is the Best Korn Album; “Take a Look in the Mirror” Is the Worst

Image Courtesy of Prospect ParkKorn will be playing their self-titled debut album in full on tour this year, and not just because the 1994 record is now 20 years old. The band still loves Korn, and if you ask frontman Jonathan Davis, as Noisey did for the publication's "Rank Your Records" feature, it's the best album Korn has ever made.

"The record that changed everything," Davis says of Korn. "At the time in rock, there was nothing new or different, and it felt so stagnant. And here come these guys from Bakersfield with this bouncing sound, and I'm screaming my throat out, being super emotional and bringing up all this weird s**t."

"That album was a very fucking dark record, I didn't realize how dark until we started playing it 20 years later," he adds.

As for the worst Korn album, Davis ranks the band's 2003's effort Take a Look in the Mirror at the bottom of the band's discography.

"[Guitarist Brian] Head [Welch] was really messed up at the time, and we were reacting to [Korn's 2002 album] Untouchables where we did something raw or different, but it didn’t work for me," Davis says of Take a Look. "I think it's still a good record, like there's some cool s**t on it and I still listen to it occasionally, but yeah definitely my least favorite."

Davis ranks Korn's most recent effort, 2013's The Paradigm Shift, as the band's sixth best album.

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