MisterWives Say Their Live Show Is “Tighter and Better”

Image Courtesy of PhotoFinish/Republic RecordsMisterWives' first show went about as well as they could have hoped -- after the show, the band was signed to a record deal. Now, in support of their newly released debut full-length album, Our Own House, MisterWives will embark on a giant headlining tour starting February 26 in Philadelphia.

As drummer Etienne Bowler tells ABC News Radio, MisterWives' live show has progressed greatly since their fateful first concert.

"I feel like every tour we've gotten tighter and better," he says. "Not just song-wise, but set-wise -- how to tie songs together, what parts to add and take out, what things work live, what things don't."

Bowler also promises that attending a MisterWives show is a much different experience than listening to a MisterWives album.

"We never keep to the record, we're always about whatever is best for the live show, we'll do," he says. "We don't use any backing tracks or anything like that, no clicks live. So we are forced to play different versions of the songs."

Frontwoman Mandy Lee tells ABC News Radio that a live MisterWives show also includes more horns, more harmonies and a whole lot of jumping around.

"You go on tours and you do it every single night that it just becomes, like, almost effortless," Lee says. "It's really insane just knowing how to jump around and dance and sing and all these things at the same time, and it just kind of becomes your everyday routine, so it's awesome that we get to do that and grow. There's definitely been a big difference from that [first] show to the ones we are playing now."

While each night might bring a different version of a MisterWives song, one thing's for sure: the band will not go hungry. Lee, an avid cook, is always making vegan meals for the band on the road.

"I love making a white wine lemon caper sauce with tofu and mashed potatoes and steamed spinach or kale," Lee says of her favorite things to cook. "I'm big on comfort, soul food too, so like an awesome macaroni and cheese."

MisterWives' tour will run through April 10 in Washington, D.C. Our Own House is out now.

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