MisterWives’s Mandy Lee Says “Reflections” “Started Out Much Slower”; Details Upcoming Full-Length Debut

Image Courtesy of PhotoFinish/Republic RecordsIf you haven't heard of MisterWives yet, chances are you will soon. Made up of frontwoman Mandy Lee, drummer Etienne Bowler and bassist Will Hehir, the band's catchy single, "Reflections," is climbing the Alternative charts, and it hit number one on Billboard's Emerging Artists chart. What's striking about "Reflections" is how many genres the band fits into the single, from pop to soul and even a bit of folk.

Lee tells ABC News Radio she thinks it's that amalgamation of genres that attracts people to "Reflections."

"I think it's cool that ['Reflections'] does -- I mean, accidentally, I didn't mean to write it that way -- [have] a bunch of different elements of what's happening right now in music, because I listen to so much of it," Lee says. "I think people like that it has various styles."

Bowler agrees, and he believes the band's lack of definitive genre helps MisterWives distinguish themselves.

"I think it's also cool when you have a song that you can't identify what genre it is," he says. "You're like, 'No it's kinda like this or it's kinda like that.' Having it be a little ambiguous, it means people are gonna talk about it."

Hiding beneath the upbeat dance track on "Reflections" are Lee's lyrics, which tell a much sadder story than the music does with lines like, "Shattering anything / that has reflections of you." Lee explains that she liked that incongruity between music and lyrics, which she discovered during the songwriting process.

"['Reflections'] started off much slower, actually. I wrote it in my bedroom at, like, three o'clock in the morning, and was crying, having a really horrible time," she says. "Then you just get convicted in what you're saying, and I was like, 'No! I'm gonna overcome this.' So that's how it came to be a dance song."

Riding high with the success of "Reflections" and their debut EP of the same name, MisterWives has set their sights towards their first full-length album.

"We're just gonna finish up a couple of songs and tying the last few loose ends, and it should be ready by January," Lee says of the band's debut LP. "We're really stoked, it's all new material, and it sounds like a graduated version of the EP. So, we're very excited."

While they haven't officially picked a name for the album yet, the odds-on favorite is Our Own House.

"I was thinking Our Own House. It's a name of one of the songs off the album that we all really love," explains Lee. "I wrote the song in a tree house, and the whole album artwork is gonna be the spirit animals from the EP coming out of the tree house that all the music was written in."

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