Muse Reveals Title of New Album

Image Courtesy of Gavin BondAfter months of cryptic Instagram posts, we finally have some concrete details about Muse's new album. Specifically, we now have a title, and a topical one at that. The new Muse album will be called Drones.

Not wanting to give away the info easily, Muse hid the title in their newest Instagram video. The video shows a mixing board, then quickly pans over to a video display screen on the console which reads: "Artist: Muse, Album: Drones."

The short video is also features the voice of a lecturing drill sergeant. Next to the knobs labeled "drums" and "guitars," a hand on the mixing board is seen turning up the volume on a knob titled "Psychological abuse."

Drones will be produced by AC/DC and Def Leppard producer Mutt Lange.

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