NOFX Fan Gets Payback After Being Decked by Lead Singer Fat Mike

Tim Mosenfelder/Getty ImagesThe overzealous NOFX fan who was on the receiving end of lead singer Fat Mike Burkett’s fist and foot after jumping on stage during a show in Sydney, Australia, last week got some payback Friday.  TMZ has obtained video of the fan meeting Fat Mike backstage.

In the video, the singer apologizes for treating the fan so harshly and offers him a beer. Fat Mike explains that he was suffering from neck pain at the time and invites the guy to kick him in the shin as payback.  

When Fat Mike and others in the room realize the fan is wearing heavy boots, they offer a soft slipper and suggest he wear that when he kicks Mike.  The fan dons the slipper and gives the punk rocker a swift kick.  Fat Mike obligingly screams in pain and the two shake hands afterward.

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