One Man Is Listening to Nickelback Exclusively for a Week to Raise Money for Charity

Credit: Michael MullerThe latest anti-Nickelback campaign has arrived, but at least this time, it will raise money for charity. Jesse Carey, of the Relevant magazine podcast, has promised to listen to nothing but Nickelback on a loop for a week straight in order to raise money for My Charity: Water, an organization dedicated to bringing clean drinking water to those in need.

"It's twofold," Carey says of the campaign. "Obviously, we want to build a well and provide a community somewhere in need with clean water. But the second fold of my twofold thing is to basically be an inspiration to people."

"I want someone who's going through a hard time to be like 'I'm really down and out, life's really got me down, but you know what? Right now there's a guy who's been listening to Nickelback for days straight,'" he continues. "I just want to lift the confidence of what a human being is capable of."

The campaign, which began February 16 and will run through February 22, has already surpassed its original $10,000 goal. If you'd like to donate, visit

At least this campaign is going better than last year, when a British man launched a Tilt charity campaign to stop Nickelback from ever playing London.  He raised all of $399 before the campaign expired.

Nickelback is currently on tour in support of their latest album, No Fixed Address.

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