Puscifer Releases Strange “Money Shot” Video

Credit: Tim CadientePuscifer has unveiled the video for "Money Shot," the title track from their forthcoming album. Like much of what Puscifer releases, the "Money Shot" video is dark and really weird. This offering features everything from Mexican wrestlers with slingshots to a mysterious Pulp Fiction-esque briefcase.

"Tossing out a few more cryptic Luchador flavored bread crumbs with this one," says frontman Maynard James Keenan of the video. "Confused? Don't tweak your noodle. As with all of Puscifer's and [Keenan's alter-ego] Billy D's journeys, linear has no place here. Just embrace the chaos and enjoy the ride."

To do just that, you can watch the "Money Shot" video now at EW.com.

Money Shot the album will be released on October 30. Two days later, Puscifer will begin their tour in support of Money Shot with a set at the Monster Mash Music Festival in Arizona.

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