Royal Blood Says Touring with Foo Fighters “Has Definitely Had an Impact” on Their Live Show

Credit: Eliot Lee HazelRoyal Blood is currently on the road opening for Foo Fighters on their massive summer North American tour. Not only is the British duo touring with a band that they've long admired, but they are also getting the experience of playing stadiums and arenas early in their career.

"It's definitely had an impact on our live performance," frontman Mike Kerr tells Village Voice of opening for the Foos at such large venues. "Playing the bigger shows -- it's something about being further away from the crowd. In a weird way, it gives you more perspective on what you're doing as a band."

As they've been touring with Foo Fighters, Royal Blood has developed a greater appreciation for Dave Grohl's frontman skills, especially since he's been sitting on a guitar-adorned throned during the shows due to his broken leg.

"There's more to [Grohl's] performance than him just running around," says Kerr. "How he communicates with the crowd, that's in essence what makes him a great frontman. Just the concept of him in that chair and everyone being aware of the context -- he's got a broken leg, and he's still going mad and putting on that quality of a show -- it's incredible to watch."

As the opening band on the tour, Royal Blood is often playing for a crowd that isn't necessarily there to see them. According to Kerr, that challenge to win over Foo fans just makes the band work harder.

"It's very difficult to understand whether anyone is familiar with anything," he says. "That's half the fun, really. We go out there and play for a lot of people, but they're not necessarily all at the front. We're playing to huge crowds, and it's very difficult to understand the familiarity out there."

Kerr does add that things start to pick up when Royal Blood fires up "Little Monster." The band's hit single currently sits at number-one at Active Rock and in the top-20 at Alternative rock radio.

"I will say there's always a midpoint in the set where we play 'Little Monster,' and we definitely feel a turning point," Kerr explains. "Whether that's because it's that song or the midpoint of the set, I don't know. There's definitely a point where people acknowledge us and go, 'OK, I like you guys!' We form a connection around that point in the set."

Royal Blood will be on tour with Foo Fighters through an August 25 show in Pittsburgh.

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