Royal Blood’s Ben Thatcher Doesn’t Trust Rod Stewart

Image Courtesy of WBR PressWith Royal Blood's career on the rise thanks to their debut self-titled album and their hit "Figure it Out," the British duo needs to know who they can and can't trust in the music business. Drummer Ben Thatcher tells Q magazine he's figured out one way to weed the untrustworthy from the trustworthy: avoid people "whose last name could be their first name." Case in point: classic rocker Rod Stewart.

"Rod Stewart? Yup, don’t trust him," Thatcher says of the "Maggie May" singer. "Always just keep your wits about you in those situations. When you go, 'Hi, my name's Ben Thatcher,' and someone says, 'Hi, I'm Rod Stewart, you go 'O-kaaay'"

"Just as a general rule, be wary of those guys," he continues.

Thatcher and his Royal Blood band mate, Mike Kerr, give more tips for happy living in the new issue of Q, available now.

Royal Blood will be touring with Foo Fighters, who they do presumably trust, starting July 6 in Camden, New Jersey. They'll stick around on the Foos' tour through an August 25 stop in Pittsburgh.

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