Scott Stapp Posts New Videos, Wife Reportedly Seeking Help for Singer

Image Courtesy of Wind-up RecordsThe odd saga of former Creed frontman Scott Stapp continues. 

After posting a video, now removed, to the band's Facebook page on Wednesday in which he claimed to be homeless and under investigation by the IRS, Stapp reportedly posted two new videos on Thursday.  Those videos, also apparently removed from Facebook, were captured by third parties and posted to YouTube.

In one, Stapp claims to be in front of a police station in Boca Raton, Florida, in which he speaks further of his claims of having had his money stolen and his civil rights violated by police. In the other, the singer says he has finished filing a police report over the alleged theft, discusses his beliefs about religious freedom and directly addresses his children.

On Friday TMZ cited a report from the Madison County Sheriff's Department in Flordia saying that Stapp had been found on the side of a road on November 13 appearing incoherent and claiming that someone was trying to poison him.  According to TMZ the singer was then placed on a 72-hour psychiatric hold.

As previously reported, according to the Miami Herald, Stapp's wife Jaclyn recently filed for divorce from her husband, claiming he was abusing amphetamines and crystal meth.  TMZ reports that Jaclyn has abandoned efforts to have Stapp held and is now talking to the singer and trying to convince him to seek help.

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