Seether Bassist Says Touring with Papa Roach Will Make Them “Step [Their] Game Up”

Image Courtesy of Marina Chavez/Concord Record GroupThis Friday, Seether will begin a month-long co-headlining tour alongside Papa Roach. As mainstays of the early 2000s' modern rock scene, both bands have been in the business for quite some time, but as Seether bassist Dale Stewart tells ABC News Radio, time hasn't really changed the band's live show: a Seether live performance is, and always will be, an exercise in no-frills rock.

"I think we've always just considered ourselves, like, the sort of blue collar rock band," Stewart says. "We get up, rock out, make a lot of noise, kick over some beer bottles and work up a sweat."

Stewart does promise fans, though, that Seether will kick their performances up a notch on the upcoming tour to compete with Papa Roach's "killer" show.

"We've been Papa Roach fans for a long time, so it's fun playing with a band like that, because their live shows are just killer," he says. "So you really have to kind of step your game up and try that much harder, because if you want to look cool next to a band like that, you really got to go for it."

As contemporaries, the members of Seether and Papa Roach listened to a lot of each others' music. Asked to name his favorite Papa Roach song, Stewart mentions the track "Forever," from the band's 2006 album The Paramour Sessions.

"I just relate to that song, and it gives me kind of kind of an emotional response and reaction," Stewart explains.

On the tour, Seether will be supporting their latest album, Isolate and Medicate. The album, Seether's sixth, peaked at number four on the Billboard 200 -- the band's fourth straight top-10 appearance on that chart. Stewart says that the fan response to Isolate and Medicate has been positive, save for a few instances of inevitable backlash.

"There are always the critics [that will say things] like, 'Ah, you know, it sounds nothing like the last album, so we don't like it,' you know? There's always a bit of that stuff going on," he says. "I think generally it's been well-received. I like the album a lot; I'm very proud of it." 

Seether and Papa Roach's co-headlining tour begins January 9 in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. The trek will wrap up February 7 in Las Vegas.

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