Tim Commerford Aims to “Do Something Different” with Future User Project

Credit: Dana KleinRage Against the Machine and Audioslave bassist Tim Commerford's new project, Future User, will release its first album, #SteroidsorHeroin, this week. Among the many notable aspects of Future User -- which has released videos that feature Commerford waterboarding tennis great John McEnroe and blood doping with Lance Armstrong -- is the album's title, which uses a hashtag.

"I am definitely not a hashtag person, but I can appreciate the power of a hashtag," Commerford tells ABC News Radio. "[Though] the reason why the hashtag is in front of the 'Steroids or Heroin,' the name of our record, is simply because I don't think anyone's ever done that before."

Commerford expects that the visual aspect of Future User, as well as the desire to try something that no one else has tried, will transfer over to the band's prospective live show, which will prominently feature the masked character S.W.I.M. present in the Future User videos.

"We're going to approach it in the same way we've approached the whole project and try to do something different," he explains. "[Future User band mate] Jordan Tarlow has got super skills with computers and holograms, and he's already developed a holographic S.W.I.M. that we will probably project as the frontman."

Musically, as well as visually, Future User is quite different from Commerford's previous bands, as it features a distinct electronic influence. Commerford feels that having a distinct sound is very important for his new band.

"Audioslave is a lot different than Rage Against the Machine, and [Future User] is a lot different than Audioslave and Rage Against the Machine. If you ever find out that I'm making music that is the same as some music that I've made before, please light me on fire," he says, laughing.

Though he plans to never make the same kind of music twice, don't expect Commerford's political messages to ever wear out. 

"As far as I'm concerned, everything has got to have substance," he says. "So everything that we do and everything I'm ever going to do is always going to have some sort of underlying meaning." 

#SteroidsorHeroin will be released on Tuesday.

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