Tom DeLonge Says He’s Releasing Four Albums This Year

Credit: Johnny BuzzerioTom DeLonge has had a pretty eventful year already, but he's not planning on slowing down. The former Blink-182 guitarist took to Twitter on Tuesday to announce that he will be releasing four albums this year.

"I am putting out 4 albums in one year - this year," DeLonge tweeted.

DeLonge has already announced one album to be released this year: To the Stars...Demos, Odds and Ends. He also premiered the first single from the album, entitled "New World."  To the Stars will be released on April 21.

DeLonge's 2015 got off to a bumpy start after he had a very public falling out with his former Blink-182 band mates, drummer Travis Barker and bassist Mark Hoppus. Barker and Hoppus reportedly issued a statement saying that DeLonge was no longer a member of Blink, which DeLonge then denied. Both sides reiterated their positions in subsequent statements, with Barker recently saying that he wishes DeLonge would "just man up and quit the band." In the middle of all the back-and-forths, DeLonge announced the release of To the Stars, his first solo album.

As for DeLonge's four album plan, he always has been ambitious. The Dream Walker, his last album with his other band, Angels & Airwaves, was accompanied by an animated short film, and he also plans to release a comic book series and live action filmed inspired by the record.

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