Tom Morello to Play Tribute Concert to Activist Joe Hill

Credit: Sean RiciglianoTom Morello will headline a tribute concert in celebration of the work of Joe Hill, an early 1900's folk singer and labor rights activist. The Rage Against the Machine guitarist will be joined at the event by ex-Black Crowes guitarist Rich Robinson, Rancid's Tim Armstrong, folk singer Joan Baez and reggae musician Ziggy Marley.

"Joe Hill's influence is everywhere," says Morello in a statement. "Without Joe Hill, there's no Woody Guthrie, no [Bob] Dylan, no [Bruce] Springsteen, no Clash, no Public Enemy, no Minor Threat, no System of a Down, no Rage Against the Machine."

Hill is known for songs such as "The Preacher and the Slave," "There Is Power in a Union" and "Casey Jones -- the Union Scab." He was killed in 1915 by a firing squad after being convicted of murder in a very controversial trial.

The tribute event will be held November 17 at The Troubadour in Los Angeles.

In other Rage Against the Machine happenings, the band's 1999 "Sleep Now in Fire" video has been making the rounds online recently thanks to an eerie coincidence. At the 1:04-mark in the clip, a man is seen holding a sign that says "Donald Trump for President 2000." Of course, today, Trump is one of the front-runners for the 2016 Republican presidential nomination.

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