Travis Barker to Travel by Boat During Blink-182’s UK Tour

ABC/Alycia MonacoTravis Barker has not flown since he was involved in a tragic plane crash in 2008. He'll still be joining Blink-182 for their U.K. tour next year, but he'll be using a different method of transportation.

"For me, there's only one way to get there and that's on a boat," Barker tells the U.K.'s Radio X. "It's like 10 days."

Barker will hit the high seas on the Queen Mary 2 transatlantic ocean liner, on which he's traveled before.

"What works for me, I spend the time working out, I usually run an hour and a half a day 'cause our shows are about an hour and a half," Barker says. "I usually play drums 2-3 hours a day and then I usually bring a studio and I just work on production and music for other artists that I'm working with."

"Everyone on the boat is super supportive," the drummer adds. "I play with some of the bands on the Queen Mary 2. And even some of the workers have a band where they play covers and I just hang out with them and play drums with them. I make the most of my time on there and have fun."

Blink-182's U.K. tour will run from July 3-19. The band will be supporting their new album, California.

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