Vance Joy Debuts Video for “Fire and the Flood”

Credit: Darren AnkenmanVance Joy has released the video for his latest single, "Fire and the Flood." In it, he sings in various rooms of a ransacked apartment, passing a despondent woman as he goes. As scenes start playing in reverse, we see it was the woman who smashed up the home.

Joy says his inspiration for the song came from a vision. "I had a recurring image in my head of a guy walking in the neighborhood where his ex-girlfriend lives," he reveals in a press release. "He is haunting the places they used to go together. He has time on his hands and feels kind of useless. He thinks that when they are back together he'll be at peace again."

"Fire and the Flood" is included on a special-edition release of Joy's 2014 debut album, Dream Your Life Away, out today. The album includes another new track, "Straight Into Your Arms."

Vance also has a song on the Paper Towns soundtrack, called "Great Summer." He's currently touring with pop star Taylor Swift.

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