Watch Incubus Discuss New Music While Playing Video Games

Image Courtesy of Island RecordsIt undoubtedly took a lot of focus for Incubus to record their new EP, Trust Fall (Side A), but did it take as much focus as answering questions while playing video games? In an interview for Entertainment Weekly's "Q & Play" series, Brandon Boyd and company discuss Trust Fall (Side A) and its follow-up while playing an intense bout of Super Smash Bros..

"There's these re-emerging themes around love and trust and paranoia," Boyd says of the two Trust Fall EPs while playing the game as the Legend of Zelda villain Ganandorf.

"Some of the songs are just about love, some of the songs are about trusting in larger processes that have to do with universal love and universal consciousness, and then some of the songs are about being how paranoid are we," he continues. "So it's a nice sort of balance between love and paranoia, which makes usually for a good rock record."

Though they don't have a firm release date for the second Trust Fall EP, Boyd says you'll be able to hear it "hopefully before Christmas."

"It allows us to be really spontaneous," says guitarist Mike Einziger of the less-than-concrete release plan. "When we write music, we can release it right after we write it."

Incubus will be touring in support of the Trust Fall EPs alongside Deftones and Death from Above 1979 starting July 22 in Clarkston, Michigan.

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