Beastie Boys Awarded $668K in Copyright Violation Case

Bryan Bedder/Getty ImagesThe Beastie Boys have been awarded approximately 668 thousand dollars in legal fees from the company behind the Monster Energy drink, stemming from a copyright violation case.

A Manhattan Federal Court judge awarded the group that amount earlier this week, according to the New York Daily News.

Last year, the Beasties won a 1.7-million-dollar verdict from a jury following a lawsuit involving the unauthorized use of five songs in the soundtrack to a four-minute video recapping a snowboarding competition sponsored by Monster.

The next-to-last shot of the video showed the words "RIP MCA" in a Monster Energy style type -- a tribute to late Beasties member Adam Yauch. The band said Yauch's will stated that neither his name nor his likeness were to be used in promotional campaigns.

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