Dan Auerbach Is “Militant About the Loose Approach” with The Arcs

Credit: Alysse GafkjenDan Auerbach's latest project, The Arcs, is made up of some of The Black Keys frontman's oldest friends. That camaraderie allowed Auerbach and The Arcs to take a "loose approach" to their forthcoming debut album, Yours, Dreamily.

"That loose approach is everything to me. I'm militant about the loose approach, if that makes any sense," Auerbach tells Entertainment Weekly. "I don't like formality in anything, and especially not in my f****** music."

"But these guys that I get to play with, they're my favorite musicians," he says of his band mates. "I have nothing but like the utmost confidence in them. It's an absolute joy to go into the studio and create with these guys."

With the Arcs, Auerbach also made a new friend in artist Omar Juarez. Auerbach came across of one of Juarez's works, which featured a werewolf boxer. Juarez then used that character for The Arcs' video for "Put a Flower in Your Pocket." When The Arcs played their first show together earlier this month, a woman who Juarez used for inspiration for another character in the video was standing in the front row.

"It was just so weird, it was like the artwork was coming to life and then The Arcs were coming to life at the same time," Auerbach says. "It was so surreal."

Yours, Dreamily will be released September 4.

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